Dane M. from Santa Clara, CA

We called 7 tree services for bids. Only two companies had resonable bids, copies of insurance, no let's make a deal if you get a lower bid, and great yelp ratings.
Save yourself time and call this company!

They trimmed, thinned, cut, removed trees/rubish/ stumps from two properties promptly, professionally and carefully while my kids watched pros climb 50' trees. Their bid was $5,000 less than the highest bid we got.

Lucas F. from San Jose, CA

I had a dying 30" diameter walnut in my yard that needed to come out.  It was growing at a strange 30 degree angle, leaning over our toolshed.  Skyview gave us a quote that was better than the others received, so we decided to give them a try.  On the scheduled day, Marisa contacted me and asked if they could come earlier than our scheduled 11am appointment.  Of course that was fine with me, sooner the better!  At 9:30, they showed up and went to work.  I was worried that there might be problems bringing the beast down over our shed, however they were very careful not to let anything fall on it, using ropes and careful cutting to guide the limbs down to the ground.  By 2:30, everything was dropped, chopped, cleared, and cleaned up.  The only evidence a tree ever existed there was the chopped up bits that backfilled the stump grind, and 2 cords of split wood stacked along my fencerow.  

Two things I liked about Skyview:  1.  Stump grinding was included in the price of the quote.  2.  All of the debris was chopped into a loading truck and hauled off.  The other quotes I received wanted to put the remains on the street for the city to pick up.

I'd use them for sure again!

Luke T. from San Jose, CA

I just had Skyview Tree Service come out to trim my large liquid amber on the parking strip of my house and I'm very pleased. I learned about Skyview while walking in my neighborhood. I noticed one of my neighbors had just had there three liquid ambers trimmed and they looked great, not just trimmed, but artful. I asked my neighbor who trimmed them and they told me Skyview Tree Service; he told me to talk to Carlos. 
I called Carlos and had him to come out to give me an estimate and I told him I wanted the same climber that did my neighbors house. He said that was Amador and that wouldn't be a problem.
The workers showed up on time, worked hard until the job was complete, and spent 30 minutes or so cleaning up the leaves and whatnot from my yard. The next day the chipper came and that crew cleaned up the rest of the debris.
I highly recommend Skyview Tree Service. Talk to Carlos, and request Amador as your climber!

Doug M. from Los Altos, CA

Needed to cut down a 90 ft pine tree, approx 6 ft in diiameter in a difficult access area.  Bernard came on time and gave a very reasonable estimate.  His crew were on time and did a fantastic job - his climber was fearless.  They worked unbelievably hard, were careful not to damage anything, and cleaned up at the end of each day.  I would use them again in a heartbeat.

John R. from San Martin, CA

Great service, reasonable price! They just left my property after removing a large mimosa and small oak. They were ealier than our scheduled time, and got the whole job done in less than 4 hours, including stump grinding. They were very careful and cleaned up well, including moving back a standalone gazebo, table, chairs and plants that they had moved for the removal. Afterwards they gave me advice on other trees on our property. 

Definitely my tree service going foward, after going through several.